AHA Smoothing Cream 50ml
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AHA Smoothing Cream 50ml

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AHA Smoothing Cream 50ml

Leave on exfoliating regenerating cream with 9% AHA

ACTION: It exfoliates, moisturises, firms and whitens skin, while boosting its natural regeneration process, making it softer, firmer and radiant. Using mild chemicals such as Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and Mandelic acid.

RECOMMENDED: As a combination of peeling and regeneration for all skin types. Do not use during pregnancy.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not suitable for skin ailments and for persons with herpes zoster (coldsores). Do not use when out in the sun. Sun protection is necessary when using AHA products.

USE: Use after serum in the evening on cleansed skin.

DOSAGE:  2ml/application

SIZE: 50ml