Juliette Armand Hydrating Mask 50ml
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Juliette Armand Hydrating Mask 50ml

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Juliette Armand Hydrating Mask 50ml. Mask for deep hydration with vitamin granules & hyaluronic acid. It immediately restores water balance in dehydrated skins, protects from dryness and hydrates the skin cells.

Moisturising face mask enhanced with vitamin A & E granules for all skin types.
 Creamy moisturising mask with emollient agents, hyaluronic acid, proteins, olive oil, wheat oil and Filagrinol. Its rich composition preserves cellular cohesion, by preventing dehydration and loss of skin elasticity.

It boosts the skin’s defense against environmental challenges (pollutants). It offers dry skin the necessary moisturising care to preserve its balance. It leaves a sense of softness and hydration immediately after use.

RECOMMENDED: For deep skin hydration.

USE: Gently massage onto skin. Allow to dry and remove with water.

DOSAGE: 4ml/application