Juliette Armand Repairing Mask 50ml
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Juliette Armand Repairing Mask 50ml

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Juliette Armand Repairing Mask 50ml. Repairing facial mask for all skin types.

 Creamy mask with Marine collagen & Dermonectin for increasing skin’s strength. It has potent regenerative and antioxidant effects and enhances the natural cell regeneration process. Excellent for repairing skin after chemical peels and LED treatments.

ACTION: It renews the skin and strengthens the complexions natural functions. a mask that repairs and firms skin imperfections and damage. The amino acid and adenosine complex it contains, works directly in the DNA and reverses damages caused by ultraviolet radiation and combats redness. Bioplacenta, a biochemical component, stimulates cell growth and synthesis of fibroblast collagen helps heal wounds and it improves the skins elasticity. It is enhanced with marine collagen, elastin and dermonectin, which are ingredients that help the skin regain its lost vigor, softness and consistency.

RECOMMENDED: For regenerating and antiaging treatments, as well as for chemical peeling follow-up treatment. For regular use on skin in need of regeneration (eg dilated pores, acne etc)

USE: Apply a thick layer and after it partially dries, massage it in and remove with water.

DOSAGE: 4ml/application

SIZE: 50ml