Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum 20ml
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Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum 20ml

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Juliette Armand Vitamin C Serum 20ml. Vitamin C serum with potent antioxidant action. It enhances collagen production, heals the skin, combats wrinkles and photo-ageing.

ACTION: Serum of stabilised Vitamin C with moisturising and anti-oxidant effect. The body cannot compose Vitamin C, an essential factor for its functions. The proven anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C protect the skin from the action of free radicals and inhibit ageing caused by enviromental factors. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, thus combating skin loosening and the appearance of wrinkles.

RECOMMENDED: For moisturising and anti-oxidant effect, as well as for a uniform skin tone. Appropriate for daily use for all skin types, ideal for the prevention and treatment of photoaging.

USE: Apply a small amount to clean skin and massage until it is absorbed.

DOSAGE: 0.5ml/application

SIZE: 20ml