Storyderm Princess Shine Mask
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Storyderm Princess Shine Mask

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Storyderm Princess Shine Mask. Single use sheet mask drenched in Oilgopeptide 1 and Copper Tripeptide 1 for promoting collagen & elastin synthesis, removes damaged collagen, improve wrinkles, elasticity, lifts and rejuvenate the skin. Recommended for dry, ageing, thinning skin prone to wrinkles

Single use sheet mask drenched in the following ingredients: Ginseng roots (high nutrition and skin repair) visibly improves wrinkles. Centella asiatica extract for strengthening skin barrier and deep moisturising effects. Witch Hazel for refining pores and fighting bacteria.

Place the mask onto the face evenly, leave for 20 minutes, remove the mask and let the residue soak into the skin. Use once/twice weekly.

* Strong anti-oxidant activity and wrinkle and elasticity improvement

SIZE: 1 Piece